GlassCubes – Improved CRM for Small Biz

glasscubesIf you were around before Web 2.0, then you probably remember customer relationship management (CRM) when it was all the rage.  With today’s social networking getting all of the buzz, though, you rarely seem to hear about CRM any more.  It’s still out there, of course, just not talked about.

I think GlassCubes might change that.

The current trend with CRM is to simplify.  Where many of these programs once rivaled Microsoft’s Office suite in size and complexity, most of today’s offers are much simpler, easier to learn, and faster.  GlassCubes is right up there when it comes to easy to learn.  I think a halfway intelligent Joe Salesman could master this one in an hour or so.

That doesn’t mean that GlassCubes is short on features, though.  It’s just the right mix of useful complexity and simple usage.  The user interface is very clean and intuitive, with the more advanced features lurking in the background rather than hogging up menu space and confusing the issue.  While those features might be nice, in reality most people don’t really use them, so backgrounding them is a good idea.

The app faces on contact management, project management spaces, file sharing and document management, calendar sharing, conference calling, etc.  It has some nice customization features as well, which can be used to bring some of those background items up to the fore.

Currently, GlassCubes is still in beta and some features that are really core needs, like email integration and social media tie-ins, aren’t there yet.  In fact, an alpha for MS Outlook is on the site as of today.  Their doc sharing integrates with Google Docs with direct links, so sharing and editing is easy and universal.  In keeping with that, they are planning to tie in with Google Wave as well.

There is a lot to see and use for the small business that needs CRM and GlassCubes definitely delivers.

GlassCubes is based in London and their pricing is based on Pounds, but the site is open to anyone.  Smaller businesses will find the free option good enough, but prices after that begin at only £15/month.  All accounts have a 28 day free trial and prepaying for a year gets you two free months.

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