Gifts Nearby – A Successful Pre-Christmas Launch For EBay

Gifts NearbyIf you are keeping up with the latest acquisitions online, you may have heard about the purchase eBay made towards the end of last year. Its purchase of Milo has led to a new section of the eBay site being made available called Gifts Nearby.

It might seem to be a strange choice of venture for eBay, since they are basically providing a service whereby people can find locations close to them where they can buy certain goods. This could potentially take customers away from eBay to make their purchase.

But in the run up to Christmas there is no doubt that the idea was a good one. Launched in the last few shopping days before Christmas 2010, eBay made sure that Gifts Nearby could help out with those last few festive present panics we all tend to have.

The idea is a simple one, but it could turn out to be one of the most effective ones to hit the net in the whole of 2010. It enables you to search for a popular item to see which retailers near you have it in stock. When time is short you can see the attractiveness of such a service, since it could save you time driving round to stores that won’t have what you want.

You simply enter your zip code and then you will see how many stores have the requested item near you. The site also provides information and prices, giving you the perfect solution to last minute shopping woes.

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