Share Visa Gift Cards for All Occasions

While the Holidays are over, that doesn’t mean that gift-giving is done. Maybe you received an unexpected gift from someone and would like to send a “thank you?” Maybe someone’s birthday is coming right up and you’ve not found a good gift for them? Or maybe someone’s getting married and you don’t want to be the fourth toaster or the third Foreman Grill on their list.

Cash is always good, but not always easy to give. Especially if your gift is to be mailed. That’s where gift cards come in handy. Not only are they transferable, like cash (and unlike checks), but they can be used anywhere, including online. Personalized gift cards are even better.

At, you can build a gift card with almost any denomination of money you’d like and you can personalize it with a photo or graphic to make it truly special.

Gift cards are a popular gift item and can save the day when you can’t find the perfect gift or aren’t sure what it would be. They’re more personal than cash and more versatile to boot, so they’ve become a popular way to give. offers cards that aren’t limited to one store (like a Wal-Mart or Border’s Books card would be) and can be used online or off.

Cards at are pretty simple to make, with the site using a WYSIWYG tool to place photos and build your card. It takes about three minutes to build a card and it can be preloaded with up to $500. Delivery to you or directly to the person you’re gifting it to is also available, with overnight shipping available for the last-minute shopper.

Not only are gift cards more personal than cash, but they can be made even more personal by adding your own photo. Without breaking any federal forgery laws.

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