Getsignoff How Web Professionals Interact With Clients

Anyone who’s been in the Web design or development business knows that proofing designs and specifications (and proving that proof when things go bad) is difficult. Many firms employ full-time personnel just for this task. It’s a burden on the smaller and independent shops and one of the biggest contributors to overhead in the business. Getsignoff hopes to change that.

Some providers right now offer limited tools for this same type of service.  Getsignoff offers much more versatile and useful tools without all the extras you probably don’t need.

The prices are more than reasonable, starting at free (for a single client, single user account) up to a fractional $59/month for unlimited accounts that allow multiple users and clients. There are a lot of great tools for this price too.

The site works simply: the account holder (Web professional) sets up an account and puts in simple client information (a basic identifier, contact information, etc.) and then creates and assigns a project to that client. The client can then log in and approve or make comments on any designs that have been added to the project by the professional. Comments are easy to make and can be “marked up” with easy WYSIWYG controls to point out what is being referred to. The Web professional then makes any changes and, once everyone is happy, the client signs off on the project and the professional closes it out.

This allows for several things:

  • Third party proof that both participants approved the project, thus giving legal backing if it goes wrong and ends up in court.
  • An easy interface for the client, Web professional, and all involved to interface on the project, eliminating confusing phone calls and cryptic emails. The change requests are right on the mockups.
  • Easy access to notes and requests all in one place, so a design team or project coordinator can easily reference them.

Either party involved can sign up for instant notification of any input by the opposite party via email, RSS, etc. Customized URLs (with the Enterprise Account), CSS customization, and more are also available. Multiple versions of the templates you’re working from can be used as well.

The site has a lot to offer the Web professional or firm and, best of all, it’s free to sign up and give it a shot.

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