Getridofthings Sarcastic Advice For Real People

Getridofthings is a website initially started by some college students who wanted to share their experiences with life’s little problems and how to eliminate them.  They give advice on how to get rid of anything from high heating costs to old computer hardware.  All with plenty of dripping sarcasm and social commentary.

The article on lowering your heating bill is a good example.  In this article, author Jonathan Hatch starts off with a graphic showing a science book view of the human excretory system with the caption “Insert Bill Here To Complete Payment.”  He then goes on to list several ways you can lower your heating costs without spending a lot of money or putting too much of your own money into a rented place.

Several other articles are delivered with a similarly humorous mix of laughter and real life advice.  The piece by Laura Bjerk about deskunkifying her Bassett Hound will make you smile.  Every dog owner has had a similar situation (for mine, it’s rolling in cow pies) to deal with.

The site itself is well organized, easy to navigate, and has a design that’s easy on the eyes and makes for good reading ergonomics.  Don’t forget to read the article on trick or treaters under the “Satire” section.  It’s headed by a photo of an empty street in autumn with the caption “A street without children: the way Jerry Falwell’s god intended Halloween to be.”

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