GetBallPark to Share Estimates and Invoices

getballpark.pngOnline invoicing is nearly as old as the Web. There is definitely not a lack of invoicing apps, but there are a lack of useful ones that do more than just send a bill.

GetBallPark is an estimate and invoice app, but that’s over-simplifying a bit. The whole process starts with the estimate. Once you’ve created an account and have your team members attached to the project at hand, you’re ready to go.

The estimate is the first step and it works similarly to an invoice, except it’s never sent to the client until the team OK’s and completes it. This is where one of the greatest strengths of GetBallPark shines: collaboration. The whole team can have a say in the estimate—line-by-line. So if your team is a mashup of freelancers, this is definitely whatget_ball_park.png you’ll need. Even if you’re a corporate team with each person assigned a separate “portion” of the whole project, this is still great.

Once the estimate is agreed-upon, it can be sent to the client (who only sees the final estimate, not the discussions). The client then can accept and OK it, make comments, or decline it altogether. After the project is a go, GetBallPark can be used to keep the estimate/current invoicing up-to-date.

The dashboard for the app shows everything in a Twitter-like feed, each entry linking to the larger version (full comments, updates, etc.).

When the project is complete, the estimate is converted into an invoice, sent to the client, and payment can be accepted through PayPal, closing the deal. There is provision for partial-payment invoicing (for milestones) if needed and other great little add-ons as well.

The site is free for thirty days and is as cheap as $12/month after that. Teams will probably use the $24 or $49 monthly plans. All of the plans include 30 days of free trial, so it’s worth trying out.

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