Get a Baby Monitor For Your Websites

picture-61Let’s say you’re on a Caribbean cruise with the whole damn fam. You’ve got 15 minutes at the next port o’ call to find an Internet café and ensure all your little babies are collecting lead generations and banner ad revenue. And if you’re not back on board lickety split, you’ll be forced to make a living braiding hair on the beach for tourists like you.

But there is a problem. You own 43 domains. And unless you’re the bad guy from the second “Spider- Man” flick, you simply don’t have enough appendages or time to get the job done. Thank God there’s Are My Sites Up?

The concept is simple. Are My Sites Up? monitors your websites for free – up to 50 at a time unless you ask nicely for more – and alerts you via email and text message when something goes kaplooey! The service tries your sites about every 15 minutes, unless your they’re completely cloaked behind password protection, in which case you’re out of luck.

While Are My Sites Up? has admittedly experienced a bit of “teething pains” – the site just launched this month – but it’s a great free tool that could save you a ridiculous wad of cash in case the night watchman ever spills his Sanka on a surge protector at your hosting facility.

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