Gazelle – Donate Gadgets to Get Cash for Charity

Got a favorite charity?  Do you run a charity?  Does your website need money?  No matter what the reason for needing cash, you can easily build a donation widget to put on a website or send as a link to people so they can donate their old gadgets to raise money for your cause using

You can take the cash yourself, find a charity to donate the gadget’s proceeds to, or just send something in for recycling.

Gazelle pays the shipping, collects the items, and either resells them for cash or recycles them at no charge.  That old Nokia cell phone you’ve had for a decade might be worth $2 as a donation.  Your 256mb iPod from a couple of years ago?  Could be worth $10.

Gazelle accepts most small electronic gadgets such as cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, etc.  They’ll give you an instant quote on what your item is worth in donation once you’ve filled in a few details (item specifics and any accessories).  I donated my wife’s old cell phone to get $6 to our local animal rescue.  The process was easy, quick, and Gazelle paid the shipping.  All I had to do was find a box and put everything in it.  They supplied the label and UPS the pickup and delivery.  Our local shelter received a check about a month later.

This is a great way for any group to get donations.  Churches, charities, Girl Scouts, or whomever else can even collect gadgets themselves at drives and fundraisers and then send them to Gazelle in bulk for their own benefit.

Definitely one of the nicer things I’ve seen online.  There are a lot of services like this popping up and it’s nice to see.  So far, though, I think that Gazelle has the best overall, general-use website and setup for this kind of thing.

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