Gazaro Find and Track (Real) Bargains

gazaro_logoWhen you’re on eBay or Craigslist or just somewhere on the ‘Net looking for a bargain, you never know if what you’re looking at is really a great deal. What if the Wal-Mart down the street has the same thing for the same price? Or worse, it’s cheaper!

The idea behind Gazaro is to cut to the chase so you can see immediately whether the deal you’re looking at is genuine or just hype. In a nutshell, Gazaro shows price trends for a given item with competing retailers (like Wal-Mart and Best Buy) and shows what these other places have it priced for right now.

While a few online bargain finding sites like Dealnews show items with price comparisons, most of the price-hunter sites out there seem only to worry about posting the latest bargains without any true vetting to see if the deal is really that much of a deal.

If you’re looking for something specific, though, Gazaro is a hit-and-miss proposition. The site has very few products compared to other deal-finding websites, but at least the great prices seem genuine. Most every product listed also has reviews culled from Yahoo! and Amazon feedback as well. Prices for the item are listed prominently, so a quick glance can tell you what you’re deal is.

The “regular” (retail) price is listed and slashed through with the current “deal” price underneath. To the left of the product is a ribbon that supposedly shows the “deal score,” though the criteria for the scores are a little sketchy.

None of the products are sold by Gazaro themselves, they’re all aggregated deals from retailers and well-established retail websites. For my money, the price trend charts are really where it’s at with Gazaro, though. Every product has one and clicking shows a simple line graph showing the price change trends for the item over time (most since the beginning of February, when Gazaro started this).

If you’re the gambling type, you can use these trends like you would similar charts for stock picks and try to predict whether the price will keep going down. This can be fun!

Overall, Gazaro is worth spending some time at if you’re into deal hunting and bargain grabbing. For those of us who aren’t really hinging our entire existence on whether we saved $3 on a Garmin, though, we can probably live without Gazaro in our Delicious list.

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