Fuego’s River Adventure – First Ever Hands-Free iPad Game

Ever want to play a fun game that lets you look nutty to your co-workers and maybe gets your kids off the couch for once?  Interested in what may be a game-changer for iPad games and apps?  Then try out Fuego’s River Adventure.

This is a new game for the iPad that uses the tablet’s camera to detect your motion.  From that, it moves the character on the screen as you pilot him through his river adventure.

The game itself is not really anything new.  Slider games like this have been around since before Mario even hit the screen.  What’s different is the controls.  Following the trend in console games and controllers, Fuego’s uses your body movements to control the character on screen rather than tilting the tablet or pushing buttons.

That, in itself, is both really innovative and what makes this game a lot of fun to play.

Your movements: swaying, ducking, jumping, moving side to side..  they all translate to the game and cause Fuego to mimic you.  Using these movements, you pilot him through levels of river running, grabbing coins and bonuses as you go while avoiding pitfalls and  traps.

The following video makes the game play look goofy, but it’s fun and addicting.

Unless you’re a smoker.  Then maybe not as much.  🙂

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