Freemarket – A New Marketplace For Buying And Selling Files

Many freelancers will be familiar with Freelancer, the website that enables you to find work in many different fields. Now the same company has released a new part of their website called Freemarket.

This takes on a different section of the marketplace and provides an active marketplace where people can buy and sell files. You might ask what the difference is between this and the main Freelancer site. The answer is straightforward – Freemarket allows you to list for sale any items you have already created, whereas the Freelancer site puts buyers and service providers in touch with each other.

In the latter example you discuss the needs with the buyer and then produce the work as requested. With Freemarket you can list for sale any files you have produced already. These include html templates, vectors, WordPress templates and various backgrounds.

The site has only just been launched but it looks promising and gives creators another opportunity to sell their work. The good thing is that if you do sell via this part of the site the funds you receive go straight into your regular Freelancer account.  The fact that one account is good for both markets means more streamlined accounting for you too.

It remains to be seen how well Freemarket does but there are already quite a few files there to be sold. If you are considering using it to buy or sell work, make sure you browse round first.

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