Freelancer Surges Ahead With Two Webby Awards has gone through many changes in recent months.  But these all appear to be changes for the good, as the freelancing website has now won two of the much coveted Webby awards for 2011.

The first of these is perhaps the most interesting, since the website has been voted the Best Employment Site of the Year.  In a year when lots of people have been looking for online work in the wake of job losses, cutbacks and salary freezes, has certainly done well to capitalise on the situation.

The second award they won was the People’s Choice award from the same category.  This just goes to show the depth of feeling that site users have about the website, since it has provided them with work – and apparently plenty of it – during recent months and years.

According to the chief executive of, Matt Barrie, the award was accepted “on behalf of our 2.5 million freelancers.”  No doubt not all of those freelancers are active on the site, but enough of them are to have made a real difference to the outcome of the awards.  There have been many changes for the better on the site in recent times, leading to other branches of the business opening in other parts of the world.  The US, UK and Australia are just three of the areas where it has now become much easier to get work, thanks to the efforts of the website called

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