Freelancer Site is Introducing More International Sites

FreelancerThe website known by the name of Freelancer used to be known as Get a Freelancer before they gained access to the new domain name. Since the change of brand, several excellent changes have taken place on the site, including a much-needed redesign. It now looks much more professional and glossy.

But there have been other changes afoot as well, namely the push to include new sites for other countries to use. First in the queue was the Australian site and there is also a New Zealand based site for users in that country to take advantage of as well.

Following on from this there will also be a UK site coming soon, bringing the total number of Freelancer sites to four thus far. It will be intriguing to see if others are added in the near future; perhaps a Canadian one would be the next sensible choice?

The point is clear though – there are enough freelancers around the world to warrant specific sites dedicated to all of them. Up until now everyone has been able to use the international site (signified on the Freelancer website with an American flag). This should still be the case when the next new site comes online. But it will be a relief for many freelancers to know that they have a dedicated site to go to in their own country that will help them find the freelance work they need.

Watch this space for more developments in future months.

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