Freelance Total – Business Management for Freelancers

Anyone who freelances in design, development, site maintenance, or whatever knows that the biggest headache to their business is working the books.  Invoices, client information, handling sales, tracking jobs, and all that can really ad up to some time. wants to take care of that for you so you can focus on your work.  It’s a pretty powerful and useful tool, which sets it apart in this fairly crowded sector of apps.

Designed by Australian company VDP Websites, FreelanceTotal hasn’t been around too long, but it’s been out of beta for a few months now.  The free account option will get you started and let you feel it out before committing to any subscriptions, each of which also come with a free 30-day trial.

From there, you build a profile for yourself (or company), adding the usual details and information.  Then you plug in some clients and their information.  Each will be assigned a URL they can visit to view their invoices, information, etc.  You can send these yourself, manually, or let FreelanceTotal do it for you, as part of the email invoice it sends when you bill clients.

From there, you ad leads, projects, and current invoices (if any).  All of these are part of the usual process, so they probably don’t need a lot of explanation.  A lot of collaboration bonuses are here including files sharing (Google Wave), time management (through project deadlines and tasks), etc.  Very useful stuff.

The app is well done, runs quickly, and is clean and simple.  Plans start at $4.95 for a basic setup (1 user, 10 clients) to $49.95/month (50 users, 2,000 clients).  Obviously the pricing is aimed for the budget-minded and is definitely affordable.

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