forScore – Take Your Music With You

forScore – Take Your Music With You

When most people think of putting music on their iPhone or iPad, they think of digital music like MP3s.  For professional musicians and those who play an instrument, however, taking music with  you may actually mean putting musical scores on your iOS device.

This is where forScore comes in.  It allows you to load, use, and even alter your musical scores right on your iPad.  Most online musical scores are in PDF format and forScore can import those and allows you to page through them at a touch (making playing using your iPad as your sheet reader easy) and even add or alter them  by drawing notes right onto the score.

The app is easy to use and has a lot of intuitive features that musicians will enjoy.  Rather than storing everything in the usual “files and folders” organization that may or may not make finding what you’re after easy, forScore creates lists out of your stored music so you can search for what you need by genre, composer, difficulty level, or any other criteria you add to the score when you import it into forScore.  In addition, bookmarks make it easy to find music that you’re currently working with and stay on the page in the score you’re currently working on. You can sort scores by many criteria, making it easy to quickly find what you’re after instead of paging through screen after screen of file names.

If you’re playing a set and want to keep the scores for that set ready-to-go, you can create a playlist (which forScore calls a “Setlist”) so that when you finish paging through one score, it automatically loads the next, so you can smoothly go from one piece to the next without fumbling for a new sheaf or file name.

You can save multiple versions of one score so that you can have ones you’ve updated yourself, new versions downloaded and imported, etc. without losing the older versions.  This lets you experiment and work with music easily and allows you to have an “official” score you can share with friends as well as annotated scores you can use personally.

Overall, forScore is a great app and every musician will find themselves using it all the time.

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