Finding Events With Vamos

Sometimes, you just want to find something to do.  Maybe your weekend is free or you’ve got the rest of the day open and are just wondering where you can go that’s not “same old, same old.”   In these cases, we usually turn to coffee shops and their bulletins or those free newspapers in the bins in front of stores and shops.

Now, we can turn to our trusted iPhone instead.

Vamos is an app made by a team in Berlin.  It crowd sources events and happenings from people’s Facebook accounts.  So while yours might show some of what’s happening in your area, it’s limited by the size of your friends list.  Vamos is limited only by the number of users it has.

Every person who signs up for Vamos links their Facebook.  When they register or receive an invite to an event, it gets listed on Vamos for others to find as well.

That’s not everything, though.  Once you choose an event through Vamos, it will map you to it so you can easily get there and if anyone has taken photos, you can see those as well (via Instagram).  You can even share event information and directions via text message (SMS) with your friends who might not have a smart phone or iPhone.

A truly useful app, Vamos is free to download and use.  The startup is based in Berlin’s Mitte neighborhood and is headed by Luis-Daniel Alegria, a Swedish software designer.  Android and Windows Phone versions are in the works, but no firm release dates have been made yet.

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