Finding Apps For Your Devices With Digizal

digizal-logoWhether you just have to try out the latest app or are always looking to improve your device’s usefulness, you’re probably tired of seeing the same old “what’s new” sites. You know, the ones that list everything ever created for any device from the Cray to an 8088 to the iPhone?

Well, Digizal tries to be different than that—and mostly succeeds at it.

Instead of listing every app on the planet and every brand new one that comes out, whether useful or made by some guy in WhoKnowsWhere-aland, Digizal tries to be a little more selective about it. They’ve also got a nicely-built site that’s easy to understand and use.

If you’re looking for a Mac, a PC, or a smart phone app, it’ll be easy to locate here. You can search through categories of apps, by platform, or just look at what are the most-looked-at apps or the latest releases.

There are some really cool finds here if you’re looking for them and all of the searches ultimately lead you to the app’s main website or portal.

The founders of Digizal came up with the name as a takeoff of “digital” and suggest that it could be used in phrases like “digi my nizi” and “di-di-di-digizal.” The site’s mascot and Chief Nap Officer is Mongo, which is  pretty cute.

The site is fun, useful, and easy to look at. Signup is optional and only required if you’re interested in submitting a new app to be listed.

Digizal is definitely worth looking at and even using to find your needed apps. Whether you need the latest Twitter tool or are looking for iPhone games, you’ll probably find something at Digizal. Nicely done.

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