Filttr Twitter Noise

picture-151Most of us love Twitter. It’s a great resource for information, useful links, and a great social networking tool. When you’ve got a lot of streams to follow, though, it can easily get out of hand. It’s a nuisance when you’re being bombarded with things that are more of a distraction than of use or with things that are personal when you should be concentrating on business.

That’s where Filttr comes in. Up until now, many of us have created two Twitter accounts: one for business and one for personal use. Now, you can Filttr a single Twitter account instead.

This project from Racked Hosting aims to enhance Twitter with a client that automatically filters content from your followers using an algorithm dubbed FLAI (Filttr Artificial Intelligence). It’s got a bunch of handy features to go with it too.

What Flittr amounts to, essentially, is a desktop application (either Web-based or Adobe IR) that filters content that its AI assumes you don’t want to read. It does this by analyzing your account settings and history to determine what you’re most interested in. Don’t worry, the Tweets it decides are irrelevant are not lost, just suppressed from popping up when they arrive.

Hidden Tweets can be viewed with a mouse click and if you want to give someone more priority so you see their Tweets immediately, you can click them “up” from their icon. The more you use Filttr, the more it learns from you and the better the AI will get at guessing what you do and don’t want to see.

Other handy tools include the ability to black or whitelist words and phrases, and greatpicture-13 Twitter client tools for updating your account, sharing pictures, searching your timeline, and a lot more. One of its strongest tools is the conversation thread viewer, which shows conversations in a single, time-lined thread without the intervening Tweets.

Filttr is currently in open beta and does require access to your Twitter account to work. Otherwise, it’s free to use. A great find for the Twitter addict!

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