Fido Factor – Find Dog-Friendly Places Easily, Even on Your iPhone

If you’re a dog lover and always wondering where you can take your best friend with you, besides the usual dog park and pet store, then FidoFactor is for you.

The site bills itself as the ultimate guide to dog-friendly locations and is, as far as I can tell, exactly that.  It lists dog-friendly restaurants, venues, book stores, and more all over the country in major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and others.

The website is very well-done and easily navigated to find canine-loving venues in your area.  Just search for (or click on) a city, tell it what you’re looking for (restaurant, book store, etc.) and go.  The iPhone app is just as well-made, offering the same easy click-and-find use on your phone.

Most of the locations are user-generated, so instead of just blind cataloging of places and blatant advertising, the site is full of user-created content with excellent information, tips, and more.  Listings have ratings that you can contribute to and everything appears on a convenient Google Map to make it easy.

The iPhone app is location-oriented, so it can show you nearby places based on where you are right now.  It also features another cool little addition called Pooch Pics where you can visit a Fido Factor location and take a picture to upload of your dog at the location to ad to the listing.

Fido Factor is also Facebook integrated so you can update your status, create a photo gallery for your Fido Factor visits, and so forth.

This is a great, simple, easy-to-use app that’s well worth having.  All dog owners are guaranteed to enjoy it.

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