Great Name, Not So Great Site

The new startup is a sort of social collaboration site and Web-sharing tool that combines the better features of Twitter and Pownce into one tool.  It removes limitations like the 140 character post limit, but imposes new ones such as 50mb file size maximums and 1,000 members on your “friends” list.  These limitations are promised to be removed in future updates, but for now they severely hold back the usefulness of a site whose popularity could already be questioned.

Since the site is new, it’s not expected that a lot of people will be using it yet, of course.  However, sites like this are already limited in their appeal, in comparison to massive social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.  Sites like Twitter, Pownce, and appeal mainly to the more tech-savvy (and often tech-employed) users that are more likely to want total connectivity between their social site, their web browser, and their web-ready phone and gadgets.  This is where could really shine.

Until the limitations are removed, however, it’s not likely that this site will gain a lot of ground with users already entrenched in Twitter and Pownce.  In my opinion, a more likely tool to gain a lot of ground would be one that actually integrates the two sites together, rather than attempting to start a whole new trend.

For now, is simply an interesting idea, in my mind, that makes the limitations of Twitter and Pownce obvious and will hopefully be a catalyst for changes and updates to those two already tried-and-true sites.  Who knows?  Maybe Facebook will ad a new plugin to mimic these sites.

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