FatWallet Tips The Retail Scale Toward Shoppers

Back in my days of corporate retail purgatory, whenever we made a price “oopsy,” one website jumped on the screw-up quicker than Ralph Nader would throw his 30-year-old sneaker at an oil exec: FatWallet.

The shopping portal does three things: 1) Allows you to compare prices of specific products among multiple retailers 2) Shares the commissions it makes from these user purchases in the form of cashback perks 3) Provides forums where shoppers can offer tips, uncover hidden deals and even expose retailer gaffes.

This third point put FatWallet on the radar of retail middle management: If an online price was out-of-whack and gave consumers the upper hand, FatWallet shoppers would pounce on these deals before they could be corrected. Retailers fondly refer to these pennywise deal spotters as “bottom feeders.” I simply prefer the term, “thrifty.”  Even Lapp once used Fatwallet when he found a deal and wanted to try and post it.

The Illinois-based site, which launched in 1999, has grown into a top-800 web property. FatWallet is a cinch to use and a great partner to ride shotgun on your holiday shopping adventures over the next month. Cue it up on your wireless device, strap it on a holster, and make your no retailers are making a rube out of you this season.  Other sites it competes with is Bargainist, and Slickdeals.

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