FanSnap Makes The Tough Ticket Easy To Land

Everything from home listings to saucy personal ads have joined the vertical search engine movement, and now live event tickets have joined the uber-free market fray.

FanSnap is a clean and user-friendly new website that allows users to comb through multiple ticket resellers and virtual scalpers, from StubHub to RazorGator, with relative ease. And it could very well do to online ticket sales, what has done for employment.

In just seconds on FanSnap, I was able to find relatively cheap tickets to game two of the Phillies-Devil Rays World Series for just $200 a pop. Even my upstart Buffalo Bills have multiple ticket listings that can accommodate everyone from the penny-pinching family to the super fans who want to be seen talking on their cell phones during the live TV broadcast. (WHY???!!!)

But FanSnap doesn’t just offer sports tickets. Find tickets for your favorite over-the-hill rockers, children’s show characters de jour (on ice!) and even monster trucks. Customizable search filters allow you to search by date range, price, location and more. But even cooler are FanSnap’s interactive venue maps, which are currently only available in limited cities in the beta website (but will soon grow). With this slick feature, you can ensure the Celine Dion tickets you’re buying for your anniversary won’t have you perched right in front of a scoreboard.

Actually, maybe that’s not a bad thing…

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