Fan Funding on YouTube just got easier

Fan Funding on YouTube just got easier

YouTube has finally launched a long-awaited program to allow channel watchers and video fans to donate directly to the video’s content creator or owner. It works by simply popping up a sort of ad in the top-left of videos asking for donations to the content owner. Phrases like “Support this channel” and “Donate to Keep Us Going” can be customized.

When users hover over the pop up phrase, a banner appears giving options for channel support, including direct donation. The banner can be changed to a pop-up that pauses the video and adds a “Tip Jar”-style interface for donation. Fan Funding works within the Android app as well as desktop browsers.

Most of the money goes to the content creator. YouTube keeps a 21 cent transaction fee plus five percent of the total. This means a $10 donation nets the content channel $9.29 while YouTube takes 71 cents. Donations are processed through Google Wallet.

Currently, Fan Funding is only supported in Australia, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Google will bring it to more countries down the line, but legalities require changes. Version 5.7 of the YouTube Android App and all current browser access allows content creators to begin accepting donations starting today.

You can find out more about Fan Funding here.

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