Family Tracker for iPad and iPhone Lets You Keep Tabs

Keeping track of stray teenagers, spouses, or your friends is often not an easy thing to do.  Parents, especially, are usually eager to keep track of where their children are (or aren’t).  A myriad of apps and tools are out there for this, the latest of which is an iPhone/iPad app called Family Tracker.

Made by LogSat, the Family Tracker app works relatively simply.  To set it up, users just enter the email address of the person you want to track.  If they already have the app installed on their phone, your request to track them will appear and await approval.  If they don’t have the app, they will be sent a link to install it.

Once you are authorized to track that phone, you’ll be able to see the phone’s status in your Family Tracker app at any time.  You can track phones from your own iPhone/iPad or from the Web.  This tracking takes place in the form of “pings” (which look like text messages) which pop up a notification on the phone you’re requesting.  The app then sends you information on the phone’s current location (via GPS).

The app doesn’t need to be running in the background – the ping notice will automatically fire up the app.  If the phone’s user is using another app, the popup allows them to ignore the ping until they’ve closed their current app.  When you receive the return notification and GPS coordinates, they are resolved to a map so that you can see where that person is.  The messages back and forth are free (they aren’t text messages) as well.

For the worried parent or the spouse looking for their partner, this could be a great time saver.

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