Facebook redesign its “trending topics” feature

Facebook redesign its “trending topics” feature

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled its latest redesign to its “trending topics” feature — its latest move to give users a variety of sources on important news events.

The huge social network — which has faced criticism for creating “filter bubbles” that reinforce the views of users, and has been accused of bias in selecting its news sources — said the new design will offer a “carousel” with a variety of websites.

“You’ve always been able to click on a topic to see related posts and stories, but we’ve redesigned the page to make it easier to discover other publications that are covering the story, as well as what your friends and public figures are saying about it,” Facebook said in a blog post.

“Now, when you click on a trending topic, you’ll see a carousel with stories from other publications about a given topic that you can swipe through.”

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