Facebook Home makes any Android phone a ‘people phone’

Facebook announced its new app for Android called Home.  The app is more than just another Facebook App update, however.  It’s basically a takeover app that makes your phone into a wholly new device.

It has been rumored for some time that FB was working on a new phone, but that turned out to be wrong.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Instead, Facebook has taken the world’s most popular smart phone operating system, Android, and used it to make its own phone system.

With the blessings of the two largest handset makers, Samsung and HTC, Facebook created Home to almost literally take control of the person’s Android phone and re-invent it.  The phone becomes a mobile Facebook hub with a few extras thanks to the special connectivity phones provide.

The first-launch product for Home to launch on natively is the HTC First, but anyone with an Android can download and install Home to their current phone.

Facebook’s best offering is its ability to connect people.  The platform really is all about social connections online and not much else.  All of the photo sharing, chatting, liking and so on is just connecting.  So FB took that and turned it towards phones.  Smart phones are pretty good at being portable people connecting devices.  Facebook just took that one step further to make the phone into a portable Facebook connecting device.

Some people will hate this idea, but it’s likely that most will love it.  The way Home works, natively, as a communications tool for socialization is at the core of how most people are using their smart phones anyway.  This just makes it more so.

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