Facebook hires first CMO

Facebook’s VP of Product Marketing, Eric Antonow, left the company, so they have been looking for a replacement. To do so, they created the Corporate Marketing Officer position, showing that they’re growing into new realms as a comapny, and took Gary Briggs from Google, where he was the CMO at Motorola Mobility when Google took them over.

The new position is an expanded role for Briggs and Facebook, encompassing the entire business’ endeavors from users to developers to potential advertisers and to new FB products like Facebook Home. He’ll oversee several teams and sub-departments in Palo Alto on several marketing fronts for the social giant.

Briggs has a strong background as a marketing manager and corporate-level officer. He was VP of consumer marketing at Google, including the overall Google brand as well as several sub-brands like Chrome and Google+. He was CEO at a startup called Plastic Jungle before that. He was also a general manager and consumer marketing VP at eBay Canada and eBay corporate. He was also global marketing head of PayPal during his eBay stint.

Antonow is staying through the transition period for Briggs, but is leaving in September in order to work on a project related to education, something he is passionate about.

A few changes in Facebook corporate come along with this transition, such as Briggs reporting to Chris Cox, VP-product, instead of COO Sheryl Shandberg as Antonow did and head of consumer marketing, Rebecca Van Dyck, reporting to Briggs.

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