Facebook for workplace

Facebook for workplace

Facebook fans now have a near mirror-image of the social network they can use for their movie theatre business.

Dubbed “Facebook for Workplace,” the new app offers all the familiar features that have made Facebook the world’s most popular digital meeting place.

The primary difference: Facebook for Workplace enables movie theatre businesses to use the familiar Facebook environment to create an entirely private social network for their employees and trusted trading partners.

“Workplace by Facebook re-imagines business communications by bringing the familiar social experience to the enterprise environment,” says Siddharth Bohra, chief business officer, LTI, an IT service provider.

David Meyer, VP of product at OneLogin, an Internet credentials management company that partners with Facebook for Workplace, agrees: “Today’s modern workplaces recognize that people want to use tools that they are familiar with to collaborate at work.”

Pilot-tested a year before its release last fall, Facebook for Workplace is looking to muscle in on other players already offering social networks for business, including Slack, Jive, Basecamp, Trello, Asana and Teams, a business social network still in development at Microsoft.

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