Facebook Deals Could Transform the World of Social Commerce

Most people are used to getting information about local deals and opportunities via sites like FourSquare. But now it seems as if Facebook is getting in on the act as well, with the launch of Facebook Deals.

These deals will be highlighting local businesses and what they have to offer, so no doubt they will be eager to share their promotions on the Facebook site. In addition to this Facebook Deals can link in with the Facebook Places application that is available for some smart phones. So the two things together should make it even easier to interact with local businesses and get more out of the very idea of social commerce.

It will be intriguing though to see who will benefit from this the most. Will it be the businesses that can promote their latest wares to a local and relevant audience? Or will it be the Facebook users who will enjoy getting the lowdown on what is happening in their location?

No doubt the biggest winners will be those people who will use the facility the most. Only time will tell how successful it will be, although with Facebook being the biggest site of its kind in the world, it will undoubtedly be a huge success. As more and more people become familiar with it, it could be the best way for businesses to find local customers through social commerce channels. Rather than selling on Facebook they will find customers there and then sell to them directly.

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