Facebook Becomes More Popular Among Over 50s

There is a common belief that social networking sites are mainly used by young people.  This can be for business or pleasure.  But a recent report indicates that Facebook is becoming much more popular among older people.  Indeed the report states that the over 50s represent the fastest growing portion of Facebook users overall.

Between the years 2009 and 2011, the rate of growth experienced by Facebook amounted to 41%.  But this represents the overall figure.  The over 50s portion of the membership grew by more than double this amount – a huge 84% in total.

The research was undertaken by the firm Nielsen, and the research also looked at other social networking sites to see if the pattern was repeated elsewhere.  The most notable result was on Twitter.  This micro blogging site also saw a huge rise in the number of users who are in the over 50s bracket.  Twitter had 34% more users on the site in May as compared to the previous month.  But notably the increase in the number of older women using the site – those over 65 in this case – was a massive 96%.

It has been mooted that the reason for this could be down to the super injunction news that hit the headlines in the UK.  But it is very likely to be far more than this.  The so called silver surfers are embracing the net in a big way, and the social networking sites are clearly benefiting as a result.

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