Facebook and Bing Get Together in Search Results

bingUntil recently it was possible to use a search engine without seeing any real time results from social media sites at all. But now that is changing, as Facebook has entered into an agreement with Bing, the search engine powered by Microsoft.

Millions of dollars have been poured into Facebook by Microsoft as a result of this alliance, and it should prove to be a healthy challenge for Google. If you use the Google search engine at the moment you will very likely see tweets from Twitter appearing in certain search results. Now you will be able to see Facebook updates if you use the Bing search engine instead.

It will be interesting to see whether this has any real effect on the amount of traffic Bing receives. It is still a fairly new search engine but there is no doubt that it will benefit from the new connection it has with Facebook. After all this is no small social media website – it is just about the biggest in the world. If Facebook users like the idea of seeing status updates and other relevant information in search results gathered by Bing, they may well start using it instead of Google’s search engine.

One thing is certain though. There is every chance that this will unlock the route to more alliances between search engines and social media sites. It will also mean that there is the potential for connections between the two to become commonplace as we go into the future.

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