ExtremeFliers to crowdfund for a Meerkat Drone

ExtremeFliers to crowdfund for a Meerkat Drone

ExtemeFliers intends to launch a crowdfunding round to further develop their micro drone that has now reached its third generation. The company is hoping to raise more than $75,000 via Indiegogo to evolve the model.

The Micro Drone 2.0 has already sold more than 60,000 units, and ExtremeFliers want to build on this success. The third iteration of the gadget will incorporate a better quality camera, improving it to 720p HD. The new version will also be easier to fly and will include a dual control mechanism enabling the drone to be controlled up to 50 feet away by a smartphone app. This range can be increased to 300 feet if the user operates it via the main controller.

ExtremeFliers co-founder Vernon Kerswell said: “I’ve not seen any other drones that are integrated with Meerkat at the moment. We are the first.”

Kerswell also announced that the 3.0 model would include a footage-stabilising accessory called a gimbal. The company has designed the new model using a modular platform. This means they can produce accessories like the gimbal and they can be attached to the drone via magnets.

“We build the main board as well as the structure of the drone. We started off with the structure by making it a modular drone which is really easy to pull apart and put back together again so that overcomes all the issues of breakages — you can just swap parts in and out. For the main board, because we’ve been making this since 2011, we’ve been able to iterate pretty rapidly on the actual control board and the system for flying it,” he added.

As a self-funded company, ExtremeFliers has been able to re-invest its profits in the development of the third-generation model. The company intends to further develop its framework of developers and users, and it is hoping to double its sales with the 3.0 device.

Kerswell said they are ready to go into production and have a working prototype. He said that crowdfunding suited the project because it provides opportunities for third-party developers to be involved thanks to the drone’s modular design.

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