Experian credit bureau sold data to ID theft company

An investigation by KrebsOnSecurity found that the drivers licenses, Social Security Numbers, and other personal data for millions of Americans that was sold on the black market by an illegal broker called Superget.info gained most of its information through a purchase deal with Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus in the U.S.

Superget.info, now defunct, was the go-to place for fraudsters and identity thieves with SSNs, birthdays, drivers license records, and other financial information for millions of Americans. The Vietnamese site sold an untold number of those profiles to identity thieves, fraudsters, and others through various virtual currencies such as WebMoney.

The way the data made it from Experian to this black market site is circuitous, involving three or four other companies. The key player there was a company called Court Ventures, which was purchased by Experian. Reports are that Experian is being investigated by the Secret Service over the incidents in link to Superget.info.

The story is somewhat convoluted, but some details ahve been acknowledged by Experian, who says they are cooperating with the Secret Service in the investigation. Despite being “tight on security” and even selling ID theft prevention services, Experian apparently let the fraud and data mining by Superget.info go on for months before shutting it down.

Since then, a perpetrator has been found and arrested by the Secret Service in a multi-national sting operation that lured him to the Republic of Guam, a territory of the U.S. Experian may or may not face charges or fines for their part in this.

The entire story and details can be read at KrebsOnSecurity.

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