Share Mining Executive Contacts

picture-201Originally created to enable victims of bad customer service to find the person in charge of a company to complain directly, Executive Bomb is quickly evolving into more.

Think of it as the Google-pedia of corporate manager contact information. The site is populated enough (around 1,000 companies) that it’s becoming useful to those who are looking for sales or recruiting options and this may be the site’s downfall.

The site started as a great grass-roots “take it back to ’em” site that allowed consumer empowerment. Now it’s becoming a marketing tool for everyone from get-rich-quick “inventors” to corporate marketing scammers.

I expect that the management at large organizations, like Microsoft—which has several listings in the site—will begin to rotate phone and contact info to combat the site’s potential for spamming.

The site’s information comes from users and is verified by other users. I’m guessing the people who’re dumping their Rolodex’s into this site are a mix of disgruntled picture-181ex-employees and do-gooders who think they’re helping.

Right now, the site enjoys a lot of publicity and usage, but again, I expect that will change soon. Corporate managers and executives don’t enjoy getting a lot of calls from people and will quickly figure out how to combat this site’s influence. For that reason, I think the site’s information will become outdated quickly.

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