eventNu – India’s Event Hub

EventNu is a gathering place for people looking for something to do, somewhere to go, or any kind of event in India. The site is community-driven with events announced and listed by users. Finding events is easy and is done through either a calendar, a search, or just by browsing categories.


The site is sort of an Indian-local version of whatsOnwhen.com, though eventNu is definitely more focused on community.

The site started in July, launching at Proto.in in Pune, India. The eventNu site is still in beta. Users can interact with eventNu through the website and also by following city/area-specific Twitter accounts such as eventNu_pune and eventNu_delhi, amongst others. Alerts to new events in these areas (there are about half a dozen accounts) are sent through those Twitter accounts. There is also a weekly event newsletter that users can subscribe to which highlights the latest events listed.

Event managers can even list their events and take pre-registrations (RSVPs) for those events to get a good idea of the attendance level for logistic purposes. Events through eventNu cannot have tickets pre-sold through the site, which has to happen elsewhere, but the free RSVP feature is a good tool for the smaller event organizer–especially for outdoor or other events that don’t really have a seating or attendance limit.

The site is definitely something cool and very useful. Hopefully this trend catches on and similar sites will pop up in the U.S. as well. That’s a big hint to you netrepreneurs out there.

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  1. I like your concept a great deal. Congratulations on your product
    release! It would be interesting to integrate with our 2D barcode event
    game/service, or find a way to partner.


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