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Just recently entering public launch, Eventarc is based in Australia and is ready to take on the leaders in the event ticketing, booking, and marketing space.  The site was in beta for about two years and offers event setup, registration, and payment through a simple GUI.

Checking out the site, it’s obvious that the graphical interface is the real key to this site’s future.  Rather than the usual jargon-filled sections I’ve seen on other sites that do event registrations–sites that seem to assume you’re an experienced event promoter, Eventarc instead offers very obvious, point-and-click setup.

Everything from the donations widget you can embed to the optional merchandise stores and other ways to raise money from an event, I think charities will have a lot to gain from this app.  Credit cards are processed through Eventarc and electronic tickets are issued for event bookings.

If the event is free and only a donation is asked for, then Eventarc charges nothing for the use of their site.  If the event is a paid event (say a speech, presentation, seminar, etc.), then a 5% fee is charged for every ticket sold.  That’s extremely affordable, no matter your budget.

Currently, Eventarc is Australia-specific, but will be expanding globally over time.  The site is currently used by several large groups such as the RSPCA animal rescue and IMAX Melbourne’s movie museum.

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  1. Flash seems like a very poor interface choice for this.

  2. Hey Craig…thanks for the review. You are spot on that the interface is one of the ey elements of our product. It has been through 4 iterations over the last 18 months, to bring you the one that you see in the live product. I imagine it has a few more cycles to run through before we are close to happy.. 🙂

    KB – we originally chose the standard css/html/JavaScript route, and actually built a working model in it. We ended up chucking and starting again in Flex due to what we were trying to achieve with the interface. The speed of development in Flex is much quicker given the interactions and tools we are providing to the user, so it seemed like a better fit for us.

    Time will tell I guess!

    Scott Handsaker
    Eventarc Co-Founder


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