What Will Apple Shock Us With Next

With all of the success Apple has had in the recent years it’s in the back of everyone’s mind… what’s next for the electronic giant? Over the past number of years Apple has shocked the electronic market time and time again. It first started with the iPod about seven years ago forever changed the way on the go music was listened to. With the ability to store hundreds of songs and recharge it over and over again virtually eliminated the use for portable CD players.

The next big thing that Apple has been rumored to be creating is a cross between the iPhone and the Mac, codename MacBook Touch. With the technology that Apple already has a MacBook Touch would be very possible. It would be almost like enlarging the iPhone and making it a lot more powerful. We could very soon hear rumors turned into facts in a matter of weeks or months as we wait for a conformation from Apple. However, after the release of the MacBook where would Apple go? There’s still potential for the company to evolve off the products they already have. The iPhone nano being smaller will probably appeal to several thousands more consumers since some people find the regular version too big and bulky.

Also with AppleTv lurking in the shadows with possible new features and hardware and software upgrades. What else could Apple possibly have up there sleeves? Maybe they’ll come out with a new T.V. called the Apple TouchTV where it’ll be a full touch screen T.V. Who knows what’s in store for Apples future.

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