Elfster Makes The Ole Secret Santa Office Gift Exchange Less Weird

The old office gift exchange has been a long-held tradition of awkward card writing, re-gifting of Yankee Candle Company merchandise and faked “thank-you’s.”

But what if you could make sure that Doris and Larry – two accountants who passive-aggressively battle over the thermostat – didn’t choose each other again this year? Or what if you had artificial intelligence to suggest gifts to ensure no one received a lovely set of AA batteries this time around?

Elfster is super-charged “secret santa” machine that can fuel gift exchanges at the office, home and amongst friends in your neighbor’s parlor with that ski lodge-esque wood paneling that looks sharp one out of the 12 months of the year.

Sure, you could always just write names on a piece of scrap paper, cut them up and draw from a hat. But Elfster anticipates and irons out wrinkles of this antiquated system. For starters, you can communicate with participants and schedule the big gifting party all from one spot. Additionally, advanced features allow you to set appending limits, make custom wish lists, and even scratch potential gifts off others’ lists once you’ve made the big purchase yourself.

Listen: This time of year, you have nuts to crack, bulbs to change and credit card payments to dodge*. Why waste your time leaving the details of your holiday gift exchange to chance?

[* This entry was made without one hack reference to fruitcakes. You’re welcome…]

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  1. This is so funny! I actually don't have an office party anymore … I am a virtual assistant and I work from home. I use to loathe the secret santa, but now I miss it! I actually belong to an online community (http://www.VAnetworking.com), and the founder is using Elfster to do a secret santa.
    It's a great idea for all of us who work online to have a little fun (but I would have LOVED to use that 'do not pick' feature for the last office party I went to!)

  2. I used elfster a few times at my work place and it turned out great! I work in a much larger organization now, but we might just try it.

  3. I used elfster a few times at my work place and it turned out great! I work in a much larger organization now, but we might just try it.

  4. JimmieBlake

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  5. JimmieBlake

    The case of someone at the office getting some AA batteries as a gift for the second time sound funny but I'm sure that it actually happened. I don't know if there is really need for an app to solve the Christmas gifts problem but it's great to hear that there is one that could do it in my behalf.


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