Electrohome USB Clock Radio

This is a pretty cool product. Basically, this is an alarm clock that projects the time onto a wall or the ceiling (I like it above my head when I wake up). Instead of a 9V backup battery that requires replacement or a non-charging “phone speaker” attachment, though, this one also has a built-in lithium-ion battery to keep it running if the power goes out and can charge your phone (or any device) through its USB port.

The Electrohome has an LED display like most bedside alarm clocks, but also a project on a 180-degree swivel so you can sent it where you want it. The clock self-sets, including auto-adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

The alarms on the clock can be programmed with more than one setting per day and with weekday-only or separate weekday and weekend alarm times. The backup battery still sets off the alarm, even if there’s no other power to the phone, so you won’t miss your wakeup time.

The digital AM/FM radio on the clock has phase-locked tuning and has 20-station memory  to keep your tunes fresh and easy to access. I really like this since here in South Florida, we have a lot of stations to choose from and while some days might be a Golden Oldies kind of day, others are a Hard Rock jam fest instead. It’s nice to have one-touch swapping.

I received this great clock to test drive it for review and have really enjoyed it. The LED can be had in either blue or white and the projection is in red , but there is a version with a blue projector. You can find this great clock on Amazon here.

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