Education at the Cusp of the Biggest Revolution since Textbooks

Education at the Cusp of the Biggest Revolution since Textbooks

Next month, the EduTech Asia 2017, hosted in Singapore, will welcome 2,500 delegates 200 international speakers, and 60 education product vendors from the tech sphere. The conference and expo, one of the main international events for technology in education, will centre around the discussion and presentation of current innovation and trends.

The central theme to EduTech is built around how the future of technology in education will only see its potential ‘unlocked’ when wider education systems and spaces, from classrooms to libraries and anywhere education might be taking place, start to involve the use of digital innovations in educational technology. The organisers believe that the skills that will be vital to preparing today’s students for the workplaces of tomorrow are still being largely being ignored by traditional education and that technology has a vital role in changing that.

The event hopes that its speakers agenda and exhibitors will provoke important discussion among teachers, educators, management and policy makers on how teaching methods, systems and policies, in schools, further education and auxiliary education can take advantage of technology.

The event’s headline sponsor is HP, whose head of Education Industry Solutions, Mr Farrukh Kazi, stated:
“Education is at the cusp of the next big revolution since textbooks were first published. Technology today will continue to play a strong role in shaping how teachers teach and how students learn. But it is key that technology deployment is planned with well-defined educational outcomes as goals and not only for the sake of technology deployment.”

Educators and policymakers in education will share insights and plan strategies around the role of educational technology in their schools and other educational facilities as well as build networks focused on the future of technology in education. Presentations delivered by keynote speakers, sharing sessions on best practise use of technology in education and practical workshops will all feature. Around 60 companies who offer educational technology products and services will also exhibit at the event.

One of the event’s showpieces will be demonstrations of how augmented and virtual reality are already being used in classrooms, which will be open to all delegates to the free exhibition. Mini robotics and coding workshops will also feature.

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