Ecommerce Is Doing Well In Delhi, According To EBay India

Delhi ECommerceEcommerce is developing in leaps and strides around the world. But some areas are experiencing more growth than others, as a report from eBay India seems to show.

According to this particular branch of the huge eBay empire, Delhi has the biggest proportion of active eBay users compared with the rest of India. Mumbai and Jaipur follow on behind, but Delhi has been the clear frontrunner.

The information comes from a report containing data gathered from the middle of 2009 to the same period in 2010, cutting through some of the aftermath of the worldwide recession at the same time. Delhi has always had a keen eBay following among the people who are interacting with the site. But this latest census also shows that other people from smaller areas outside the cities are also becoming more familiar and pro-active as far as the site is concerned.

Selling also seems to be getting more prevalent when it comes to people from India. Lots of sales have been taking place in many different categories on eBay, and they are also showing that Indian people are looking to sell beyond their own country to people in many other worldwide locations.

Broadband is not as prevalent in India as it is in some other countries of the world. But with that said it is definitely becoming more widespread and more people are starting to use it. India is gradually catching up in this sense with other ecommerce hubs around the world.

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