EBay Takes Steps to Ensure PayPal Leads the Field

eBayeBay is well aware that the likes of Apple and Google are closing in on its business where PayPal is concerned. PayPal is still a huge moneymaking success for eBay, but it knows that it cannot rest on its laurels. This is especially the case when Google and Apple are both looking to develop their own businesses by making it easier to pay for goods in various ways.

To this end eBay is intending to make further developments as far as PayPal is concerned. It may seem hard to believe but apparently PayPal is a bigger moneymaker for eBay than its own auction site is. Some say eBay itself has been eclipsed by Amazon, which also allows people to sell goods on its site. Needless to say they are keen to make sure the same does not happen with PayPal.

Those in charge at PayPal are keen to let people know of their strong position in the market. Dedicated to providing an all round payment system, it is true that no one else is doing quite what they are. But with that said, Apple and Google seem to be progressing in a different direction altogether. Apple is focusing on the mobile phone market and it certainly has a lot more experience in that sector than PayPal does.

We are bound to see ongoing developments from all three companies in the near future. But it will be particularly interesting to see what PayPal does to enhance its offering, especially given that so many merchants have complained about Paypal fees.

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