Dyson Air Multipliers

Normally, I don’t talk about things like fans or other office accessories here at sCommerce.  But our working environments are about more than computers, gadgets, and apps.  Here in Florida, heat is an issue, even in a climate-controlled building, and a fan is standard equipment in any office.

Fans are usually loud, annoying, and make it hard to talk on the phone or over Skype.  But when I got a fanless Air Multiplier from Dyson, everything changed.

My old fan had been broken while in storage and needed replacing.  I’d seen commercials for the Air Multiplier technology and thought I’d give it a shot.  It’s literally the best “fan” I’ve ever owned.  No buffeting noise and it’s a lot more energy efficient than a standard blade fan.

I can’t recommend them enough.  They’re easy to clean, have no exposed moving parts (making them safe for kids and pets), and look cool.  They do a great job moving air too.

Go to the store and try one.  You’ll like it.  Trust me.

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