Dwolla – Payment Transfer System Makes it Possible to Transfer Money on Twitter

DwollaOnline payment processors such as PayPal have become a useful fact of life for many of us. Dwolla may be a new name to some people – unless you happen to live in California or Iowa that is – but it has now announced its intention to go nationwide across America.

The idea is that the service has been designed to appeal to users of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You won’t have to be a user of the site in order to make use of this feature either. Buyers and sellers can make use of the service if one is a member, by sending messages via these internet sites in perfect safety.

Of course the safety issue is one that many people will be concerned about. A Twitter user could use a direct message to send a payment link to someone on the site they are in contact with. The person can then go through with the payment. The people in charge at Dwolla have pointed out that the social media networks require each party to sign in to receive the links in the first place, so the security has been designed to be passed through in several different layers.

It remains to be seen whether Dwolla will reach the same degree of success as some other more established sites, most notably PayPal. But in any event it is a good one to know about if you use Twitter and/or Facebook.

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