Dropbox Adds Automated Photo Uploads

In February, Dropbox added automated photo uploading to its Android app.  Now, it’s added the feature to all of its apps, including Windows and Mac.  Although the idea sounds pretty mundane, it’s actually really cool.

Here’s how it works: lets say you take photos on your digital camera and then plug the SD card into your computer’s built-in SD port.  Normally, you’d have to open that card as a folder and manually move the files from there to somewhere on your hard drive.  Under the old Dropbox, if you use it to share with friends and family (it’s a great tool for that, by the way), you’d have to manually put the files into a shared Dropbox folder.

Now, when you plug the SD card into your computer (or your camera itself), the Dropbox app will detect that there are photos there and ask if you want to synch.  The first time it asks, it will walk you through the setup, but after that, it just asks if you want to transfer the photos (assuming they aren’t already in your Dropbox somewhere).

OF course, when anything new is added or changed in your Dropbox, that gets synched across your devices using Dropbox and, if the folder is shared, updated to those involved in the sharing as well.

See how cool this is?  No more burning CDs or making folders on a network or manually adding photos to Dropbox itself so you can access them from your iPhone, notebook, or so that your spouse’s computer can see them or whatever.  Now it just happens.  Without complicated software or network settings.

That’s awesome.

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