DriveMeCrazy – Social Networking Meets Bad Driving

Tired of watching bad drivers tweeting from their cell while they drive or using their mobile to post Facebook updates on the go?  Well, now you can tweet about them from your mobile!  Er… wait…

DriveMeCrazy is a mobile app made by Philip Inghelbrecht that’s available for free from the iTunes App Store for the iPhone.  It allows drivers to rat out fellow motorists when they are behaving badly on the road.  The twist?  DriveMeCrazy uses voice recognition to say, instead of type, their message for Twitter and Facebook updating.

The idea behind the app is to use the crowd in the cloud as a social shame-source to get drivers to change their ways.  By posting driver info, such as license plates and locations, users can send the bad behavior into DriveMeCrazy’s database as well as post it to their own social networks.  Drivers can also rate each other on other points, such as courteous driving and even how “hot” (or not) they are.

Registered members of the app can also ask about the particular’s license plate’s (and thus it’s driver’s) history in the app.  This potentially could show chronically rude or obnoxious drivers.

Of course, the whole thing is made to run on the mobile phone, which you aren’t supposed to be using while driving.  That aside, though, the app gets pretty sophisticated with filters to watch for malicious users who just report people they don’t like – the app requires that your phone be in the location the report is claiming to come from.  So sitting at work reporting things from the expressway is not possible.

Which, by the way, means you have to be on the road reporting the incident..

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