DocuSign – Digital Signatures and Doc Management, Even On Your Mobile

Many businesses, including freelancers and small enterprises, deal with a lot of paper.  This is especially true if there are a lot of contracts and legal issues to deal with.  Shuffling all that paper around, sending it back and forth from client to office, gets costly fast.  It also wastes valuable time that could be spent getting the job done.

DocuSign is one of the more well-known of the digital document and signature companies out there.  This Web-based app allows you to easily send and receive documents (no more fax machine), quickly get legal digital signatures traded, and allows you to digitally store or print your documents both online and off.

It’s meant to be a complete contract execution service, providing security, transaction workflow, e-signature and data collection, and document storage facilities.  It’s a good example of SaaS done well.  It’s priced about right ($15-$25/month) and runs smoothly while being relatively easy to use and understand.

DocuSign has been in service for several years and just updated to include smart phone apps (Blackberry and iPhone/iPad) a few months ago.  These additions make it a great way to not only make presentations with clients and give proposals or contracts on the spot, but to easily get signatures and store them so that the office can have instant access to them without the sales team or presentation group lugging around a lot of paper.

This app is probably the best electronic document, contract, and e-signature service available for businesses of every size and it’s priced right to fit just about every business’ budget.

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