Do Your Friends Know What You Do?

Statistics have shown that the majority of your friends actually do not even know what you do for a living.  The very people who could help you grow your small business or service tend to not even know how to help you.  Since most people enjoy doing business with friends, it is quite important that you make it clear what you do for a living amongst your network of friends.

When running a small business such as a freelance one, informing your friends of the services you provide could become your best source for finding new clients and free word of mouth promotion.  You could start with friends from school, and work your way onto using social networks as a means of self promotion.

Building your business, is ultimately up to you.  If you inform your friends on how you could help them, or their friends, they could become a valuable assets to helping you build a bigger business.  If the people you associate with trust you enough to call you a friend, then obviously they know you for who you are.  Your friendship is the primary importance to them, and what you do for work is secondary.  Take advantage of the friendship.  Sometimes it seems embarrassing to ask your friends to help you, since many small businesses function out of a studio apartment.  The only way to grow out of the apartment is by building up a loyal following.

You need to make yourself the “go to” person when you friends are looking for the services that are similar to the ones you provide.  In order to accomplish this, you need to simplify and clarify exactly what you do in terms that a 5 year old can understand.  Use stories and easy to understand examples.  Make it easy for your friends to talk about you with others in their other cirlces of friends.  This is how the multiplier effect works.  Friends tell friends who tell friends.

Be sure to show interest in what your friends do as well, this has to be a two way street.

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