DNtwits: Not What it Sounds Like

While it might sound like something involving teenage bullying or the site for a new street gang, DNtwits is all about domain name selling via Twitter. If you’re looking for a specific domain or domain type, wanting to sell a domain you own, or otherwise in the domain name brokerage business, then you’ll have use for DNtwits.dntwits

In a nutshell, DNtwits is a tweet list for both buying and selling domains. If you have a domain to sell, you can send it as a tweet to “dntwitsSELL.” Likewise, if you’re looking for a domain name or type to buy, tweet “dntwitsBUY.”

The website itself is just two tweet feeds, one for each, along with some links to explanations of how it works. Since it’s so simple, there isn’t much to explain. It’s basically a place where buyers and sellers of domains can find each other easily and quickly. This is probably why it’s catching on so fast.

Even better, if you just want to see what it’s about, you can point your browser to the site and not sign up for or link your Twitter account to anything and just watch. When you see something you’re interested in, respond with a tweet. Otherwise, voyeurism is free!

For the small niche of people in the domain name biz, this is a great service. It’s catching on very quickly and is becoming active, so if you’re not a Twitter freak, you might want to hold off on following it and just browse via the site or a dedicated Twitter account. If you use a filtering service, of course, that might also work.

The best ideas are the simplest and the most successful are the ones that aim at a specific crowd. DNtwits does both.

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