Disciplanner – Tracking Long Term Life Goals Easily

disciplanner.pngLet’s face it.  More often than not diet plans, workout regimens, etc. are often great ideas we plan to carry out, but then we get lost in the planning rather than focused on the goal.  How many calendars and notepads do you have littering your past, filled with over-complicated planning and goal setting?

Disciplanner.com wants to take the planning out of the discipline so you can focus on your goals rather than on how to quantify and schedule them.

Setting up a Disciplan is easy.  Just enter some basic information, give your overall plan a name like, for example, “Home Workout – Cardio and Strength.”  Then ad in some details like whether it’s an active plan (i.e. being used or not), whether you want it publicly-visible so anyone can look at your plan and progress, and so forth.  It also asks you to put in a time commitment (per day, week, whatever you’d like).

You can ad notes and what’s required to do the plan and you’re off to the races.  For ours, let’s assume the above title and fill in the blanks as “active, visible” and set a 3 on, 1 off, 3 on program per week broken down as 1 day cardio, 1 day strength, 1 day cardio, 1 day off, repeat.

You can get more detailed with the day-to-day setups, doing, say, strength training in body portions or breaking down the days by activity.  For ours, let’s assume that Strength Training Days are 15 minutes arms, 15 minutes legs, 10 minutes torso for a total of 40 minutes.  Cardio days are 20 minutes on the bicycle, 20 minutes running.  Both days also have a 5 minute warmup and cooldown, so they are close to an hour of workout.  Pretty stringent, but the idea is to get in shape quickly.

That’s it.  There’s your Disciplanner setup.  From there, the site can extrapolate graphs to show your progress as you enter daily data into the system.  So on Day 1, we put in our workout as being done right.  Day 2 our workout was ten minutes short overall, but otherwise done well.  Day 3 we were back on track.  Day 4 is a day off, etc.  As these repetitions are met, you can ad in milestones you’ve achieved and hope to achieve, such as weight loss totals or body mass increases.  These milestones can include rewards as well, if you want to ad them.

The whole setup is very nicely done and very fast and simple.  It’s free to use and could be very useful for those who have a goal and want to get working on it rather than working on a “plan” and a calendar or graph.  It is very obviously centered on fitness and weight loss goals.

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  1. i think i could use a bit more structure and order in planning my life goals. perhaps it will help me stay on track with my more poetic endeavors, or just be a more poetic solution – http://web-poet.com/2009/10/16/disciplanner/

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